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Made by 7Zureye


Total Players: 10

Total Matches: 719

Highest Ranking Players

Rank is calculated by the player's total LP, +10 per win, -5 per loss.

#NameLPWin RateGames Played
1100X Sword1046.3054
2TSM Spica1047.8346
3GG Pridestalkr1050.9453
4BOG RJS1038.4639
5C9 Malice10100.001
6100 Busio057.8938
7GG Olleh047.8323
8CLG Dhokla045.6881
9EGP Yukino052.5459
103P Messages047.8323

Highest Win Rate

At least 54 games played (75th percentile)

#NameWin RateGames Played
1EGP Yukino52.5459
2100X Sword46.3054
3CLG Dhokla45.6881